Common Xerox Printer Issues

A printer at times may face issues that are triggered because of functional technicalities or misuse from the side of a user. There are some common issues/concerns faced at times while printing. We need to resolve the Xerox Printer Troubleshooting issues.

  • Paper jam issues
  • Cartridge issues
  • Control panel issues
  • Software issues
  • Connectivity issues
  • Printing pace issues
  • Language settings issues

Xerox Printer Troubleshooting Guide

Xerox printer troubleshooting identifies an issue or problem faced by a printer. Successful troubleshooting is a must to understand the issues of the printer.

Xerox Printer Troubleshooting
Xerox Printer Troubleshooting

Process of Xerox printer troubleshooting

Here are the ways and procedures to troubleshoot problems faced in a Xerox Printer

Paper Jam Issues – Xerox

The most common issue faced by any printer is the paper jam issue. This is the most basic and frequent issue a user faces with a printer.

  • There are many reasons for a paper jam
  • Moreover, the control panel of a printer displays the paper jam issue
  • Reasons for a paper jam include low quality of paper, papers not stacked properly and number of papers stacked in the tray exceeding the paper tray capacity
  • A paper jam can happen in the input and output trays of a printer or else in the front side and rear side of a printer
  • Once you detect a paper jam kindly follow the instruction in the control panel and remove the jammed paper carefully
  • Likewise, Power off the printer and restart if necessary
  • The instruction manual should give you an overview of paper jamming issues
  • Furthermore, if you are not able to remove the paper jam, contact the support team

Cartridge Issues

The next common issue faced whilst printing is cartridge issues. Two varieties of cartridges are used. One is in a liquescent state and the other is in a dry powdered state. LaserJet printers use dry powdered ink and the Deskjet printers use the liquid ink. Cartridge issue may be due to the following

  • Cartridges not fixed in the slot properly
  • Black and color cartridges swapped
  • Cartridge Ink exhaustion
  • Ink tank position error

To fix a cartridge issue remove it from the slot and place it again. Likewise, check if the ink is over or if the black and color cartridges are placed wrongly. Moreover, if there is no ink, get a new cartridge and place it in the cartridge slot.  Furthermore, get in touch with the support crew if required.

Xerox Printer Control Panel Issues

The control panel of a printer is very vital. It is only through a control panel that you select your printer preferences. Additionally, whenever there is an issue in the printer, the problem and its description is displayed in the control panel. There may be concerns in the control panel due to a display problem or control panel keys may have gone weak. Supplant the control panel’s keys and display. If the necessary supplant the control panel of a printer with a new one

Xerox Software Issues

Additionally, there might also be issues with the software of a printer. Moreover, the printer’s software differs based on the model and series of a printer. When your printer is upgraded, the new software is to be installed. Likewise, follow the notifications and if need be install new software to your printer as required

Connectivity Issues

With the advent of technology, printers have got a makeover too. Moreover, the printers of today are network compatible and you can print from anywhere and at any time. However, if there are connectivity issues in the printer ensure the following

  • If your printer uses a wired connection, position the printer and the device within the prescribed distance
  • Check if the USB cable and the Ethernet cable are working and not damaged
  • Verify if there is no change in the network. Your network should be the same in the printer and the computer
  • If your printer uses a wireless connection, ensure that the wireless router and the Wi-Fi device function properly
  • Check if the network used is the same in the printer and your Wi-Fi device
  • Check if there is any downtime in the network connectivity
  • Switch off and on else restart your Wi-Fi device and router

The above steps should fix your connectivity issues, if not contact the support team

Printing Pace Issues

Furthermore, a printer may also experience pace issues. The levels of speed in the printing would have come down. This might be because of a number of reasons. Make sure to service and examine the printer regularly. Moreover, check if the power supply is stable or fluctuating. If the problem persists kindly seek the assistance of a customer support executive.

Language Setting Issues

Likewise, by mistake or by chance, there might be a change in the language settings of a printer and this might create confusion. Follow the instructions to modify your language settings or else take the help of a customer support crew.

Above are some common popping up whilst in printing with a Xerox printer, if you require more support with the troubleshooting issues in a Xerox printer, visit All printer repair.

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