Terms and conditions

Read, understand and adhere to the terms and conditions and privacy policies before you make use of the service that we offer. These are set of regulations that are framed for both customers and website authorities

Bind the customers and website authorities legally and include the privacy policies, copyright rules and regulations and a lot more

To safeguard and secure the data or information collected from the customers, we have the Privacy policies that becomes an important part of terms and conditions

Judicial rules and regulations

We strictly adhere to the rules and regulations framed by the judicial authorities to prevent the threat or misuse that arise

To prevent the copying of contents or sharing with third party associates, we have the copyright regulations

In the event that any issues arise strict action will be taken against the concerned individual as per the judicial regulations available

Under no circumstances our website authorities will be liable for the threat or misuse that arise due to third party organizations

Chargeback policies

For cancellation of the services we have the chargeback policies framed to assist our customers and to return their money back

Privacy policies

Follow the privacy policies listed on our webpage as it is an important part of terms and conditions. These regulations will explain the methods of data collection, transfer and the ways to secure the data collected from our customers

Changes that we make

Changes will be often made for terms and conditions, privacy policies, other regulations that we follow.All the updates will be mentioned on our webpage and you can visit the respective section to get the required updates

Get a clear idea on the terms and conditions and other regulations that we follow. If you would like to know more, suggest you to navigate to our webpage and read the information provided for more updates