Electronic gadgets have fickle trends, and it needs to update by the addition of the latest state of the art features. Printers are one among them, which need features with high precision to get the right print outputs. Other than mending with printer technical aspects, the users are able to solve the troubles on their own. Here we have collected some valuable solutions regarding the HP Printer troubleshooting guidelines for the common HP printer problems

Common HP Printer Problems

  • Printer won’t print
  • Errors in the printer software driver
  • Ink cartridges replacement
  • Paper jams
  • Poor print quality
  • Printer offline error
  • Network connectivity issues etc.

In the following steps, the errors are completely discussed and subsequently, the respective solutions are given to solve the issue

HP Printer Troubleshooting Guide

HP Printer Troubleshooting
HP Printer Troubleshooting

Installing the HP Print and Scan Doctor Tool

This tool is specially made for the windows users. HP print and scan doctor tool offers easy solutions to get rid of basic errors such as HP printer won’t print, printer offline, etc. In case of your printer is giving you the troubles in connecting and getting output, try for this tool to easily resolve with a few steps

  • To begin with, turn on the printer, in which you have to troubleshoot using the tool
  • In your PC, go to the HP support site and get the print and scan doctor tool
  • Click the download button, extract and install the software
  • Accept the terms and conditions in the tool pop-up and select your printer name in the list, which connected either via USB/wireless to the computer
  • Click the ‘ My printer is not listed’ option, if you can’t find your printer in the list
  • By selecting the printer, the software will start the troubleshooting process and follow the subsequent on-screen guidelines

Resolving the Paper Jams

Paper jam is a usual error to occur on printers

  • This is nothing but the printer is unable to continue the printing process, because of some paper scraps inside the printer
  • To solve this, open the paper input tray, carriage and check for the paper scraps in the gaps
  • Properly remove all the scarps that you found, also, check the ink cartridges part and remove the unwanted materials inside the printer
  • After removing completely, check for the sample print to check the output quality
  • The regular cleaning process is a very necessary one to get rid of this trouble

Issues with the Printer Driver

A lot of users are facing issues in the driver installation and most of the software issues in the printer are due to the obsolete driver. You may face trouble with the printer driver, because of

  • Not updating to the latest version of the printer driver
  • Downloading the irrelevant software for your printer model
  • Incompatible with your computer OS, like installing the driver for older versions of the system
  • Any network break amid downloading the printer driver files
  • Installing using CD can help you to easily configure the driver in your PC

Any of the above mistakes may lead you to the malfunction in the printer driver Still, if you are downloading from the internet, ensure to have a stable network connection for the proper download

Poor Print Quality

This issue is too aggravating one, which leads you to get the improper outputs. It is also called as ghosting, where if you are printing an image, you will get the print with low quality blurred like image along with the other document texts

  • In case of facing this trouble, immediately try to restart your computer and printer.
  • Also, check your printer page limit for printing
  • If you are exceeding the limit, chances are higher to get the quality issues in your output
  • Other than this, the installation of ink cartridges plays a major role in the print quality
  • Don’t let the printer to print using the drained cartridges, as it can affect the performance
  • Always use the original ink cartridges from the HP. Using random brands may lead to poor performance

Avail the HP instant ink feature to get the ink cartridges at the right time without any hassle

For more information about HP printer troubleshooting guidelines, follow our team instructions @ All Printer Repair site.

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