Troubleshooting Canon Printer Issues

Are you experiencing hitches in printing because of some issues in your Canon printer? Moreover, you can look into the issues yourself with the Canon Printer Troubleshooting steps listed here.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting
Canon Printer Troubleshooting

The Steps to Undertake

Step One

Check if the Canon printer has the indicator lights blinking in a set pattern. You can also consult the manual to check if there are some corresponding error codes. Go along with the instructions that are in the manual and solve the problems with it.

Step Two

Ensure if the cord is plugged into the power source and the USB cable is connected with the computer. You can open the top of the printer and perform a fast inspection if there is a paper stuck inside.

Step Three

Turn off the computer and turn it on again to print something new. You can do this in the cases when the computer has stopped identifying the printer or the printer queue. It may have stopped its response to the command because of a software error.

Step Four

Go to the computers ‘control panel‘ and press the ‘printers and faxes‘ option. You can press the ‘Add a printer‘ button if the Canon printer is not appearing on the list. You have to follow the onscreen instructions so that the computer will run a test and detect the printer.

Step Five

Try uninstalling and re-installing the software in Canon that comes in the printer. On the Web browser pay a visit to Canon official site. You can download the most recent version of the software driver.

Step Six

You can open the Canon printer software and select the ‘properties‘ or the ‘options‘ tab. Press the option ‘test alignment‘  or ‘clean print heads‘. This will depend on the kind of software you use. Now, wait for the printer to complete its alignment and print a test page. Examine to see if the test page is printed perfectly.

These are some of the Canon Printer Troubleshooting steps. However,  there are other common issues too in the Canon printers. Have a look at the issues and the fixes respectively.

HP Printer Not Turning on

  • Check if the power plug is correctly plugged into the socket. You can try to power it back on.
  • Then unplug the machine and plug it back after some minutes.

Printing Not Taking Place

  • Check the printer and its connection with the power source.
  • If the printers On light is flashing then that means the printer is initializing. Wait till the light stops flashing and is still.
  • Check if the printer is attached to the system well.
  • Confirm if the front tray is open.
  • If you queue a long list of printers you can try to shorten it down in parts and then print part by part.

HP Printer not Giving Proper Prints

  • Check if the size of the paper and the size input in the media settings are the same. If it is not you can change it accordingly.
  • You can check the print quality you have chosen using the printer driver. Therefore if your printer is providing dull photos you can raise the print quality settings and try to reprint.

Ink is Not Injecting

  • You have to perform a thorough check of the cartridge and if there is ink or not.
  • You also have to check if the cartridge is proper if it is not you have to install it.
  • See if the print head nozzles are open. If it is clogged then clean it and try printing.

Power Shuts Off by Itself

  • In the windows, open the printer driver setup window and in the Auto power in the maintenance sheet choose Disable and auto power off.
  • In the mac open the Canon IJ print utility and go to the power settings. Select disable in the Auto power off – Auto power option.

Cannot Find the Machine on the Network

Go to the settings printer could not be found on the list box and press Next. The screen will show another setup method. You can then perform the setup by the instructions on the screen. Particularly, this method is for the network not on the network list.

Furthermore, for any other issues if you require Canon Printer Troubleshooting You can visit our site Printer Repair for troubleshooting methods.

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