HP Printer Offline Issue

Hewlett Packard is one of the premier manufacturers of world-class printers. HP Printers come in several models with unique features and add-ons. Many should be wondering what is Printer offline. HP Printer offline simply means that your printer is not active. A printer functions effectively only when your printer’s status is active. When a printer’s status is in-active, it results in the printer not functioning properly. When you detect that your printer has turned in-active, you have to immediately diagnose the problem.  If you don’t fix the printer offline status, your printer won’t perform its function.

HP Printer Offline
HP Printer Offline

Causes for HP Printer Offline

HP Printer Offline can be due to the below reasons

  • Firstly, the HP Printer Offline occurs when the printer is Switched off or is disconnected from your Personal Computer.
  • Secondly, the Network address (IP address) of your printer would have changed. This happens in both wired and wireless network.
  • Moreover, when a user sets the printer offline this may happen. The user may have erroneously tapped on the Control Panel button that makes HP printer offline.
  • Likewise, the printer may be in a fault state that is stopping a response.

Basic Checks for a Printer Offline

  • When an HP printer offline error occurs in your printer, you have to ensure if the below conditions are okay
  • Firstly, ensure that your HP printer is linked to the same network connection used in your personal computer or Laptop. If your printer is connected to a different network, the printer won’t print.
  • Secondly, when you are connected through a wired network make sure the firewall is compatible with your printer.
  • Additionally, see if you have placed your printer within the prescribed range, if not place your printer, PC within the wireless

HP Printer Offline Troubleshooting Steps

  1. To begin with, reboot your HP printer. You will have to first shut down your HP printer and then switch it on. The reset process might take a couple of minutes; just wait for the reboot procedure to accomplish successfully
  2. Moreover, make sure that your HP printer is linked with your Personal computer and also the network connectivity is up and running.
  3. Likewise, if your HP printer has a networked unit, cross-check if the light on the rear of the printer flashes green.
  4. Then, sign in to your personal computer with an account having the “Manage Printers” rights for the HP printer. Usually, the local administrator authorizations are more than enough.
  5. Now, tap on the “Start” button and then go to the option “Devices and Printers” and this would show you the list of printers.
  6. Next, right-click on your HP printer and pick the option “See What’s Printing”. You will get to see the print spooler window display.
  7. Now, tap on “Printer” and choose the option “Use Printer Offline” to un-tick the checkmark.
  8. Consequently, your HP printer will turn online, if your printer is still offline then, proceed with the below instructions.
  9. Now, shut the print spooler window and then, return to the option, “Devices and Printers.”
  10. Subsequently, open the HP support site and then, download the latest driver for your printer. The driver will depend on your model and the operating system of your printer.
  11. Then, navigate through the onscreen instructions to install the drivers.
  12. If your printer is still offline, proceed with the below instructions.
  13. Now, tap on the”Start” button and then tap on the “Control Panel.”
  14. Then, key the term, “troubleshooter” in the Search box found at the upper-right corner of the window.
  15. Consequently, tap on the Troubleshooting link when it comes up in the main window.
  16. Now, tap on “Use a Printer” under the option, “Hardware and Sound”.
  17. Additionally, navigate the on-screen prompts. Consequently, the troubleshooter will identify and fix the issue causing HP printer offline error.
  18. Eventually, if the troubleshooter is not able to fix the HP Printer offline error, it provides further instructions on how to fix the HP Printer offline problem.

Hope you got an idea about the HP Printer Offline and the ways to set it right. If you have more questions on this, visit All Printer Repair site.

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