HP Printer Error Messages

If your HP printer has stopped working because of HP printer error messages and HP printer Error codes then you certainly must fix it for the printer to work again. These HP Printer errors will show what kind of error your printer is encountering for you to troubleshoot it quickly.

The different models for the printer have different words to convey the meaning if the error occurs, however, the troubleshooting tips are similar.

HP Printer Error
HP Printer Error

Here is the quick guide for you to fix the issues-

02 Warming up Error

This issue happens when there is a problem with cable or driver. Detach the printer from power source. Remove the printer cable that is USB or I/O Cable. Turn it back on after that. If the printer shows that it is ready then you can update the driver. If the error is still there then it must be caused by the hardware problem.

10 Memory Error

This error shows that your printer might have problem with the toner cartridge. The device will be unable to read it. Try powering off and on the printer to reset it. You can also try reinstalling the cartridge or changing it with a replacement.

 11 Paper Out Error

If your printer is out of paper it means that there is an issue with paper tray or paper sensor. Ensure if the printer is on an even surface. Check paper tray and examine if it has defects. Clean away if there is a toner build up.

12 Open or NO EP Error

When the installation of the toner cartridges is not proper it means there is problem. Examine if all the toners are correctly placed and also if all the covers are closed well.

13 Paper jam

The paper jams will affect the performance of your printer. They will occur at four stages such as printing, pickup, fusing, and exit. The modern HP printers will show where the jam has been caused. Follow the screen guidance if it is available or examine if there is a paper jam in all the areas of your printer. Do not use hard materials to take the paper out.

14 No EP Cartridge

This shows when your printer does not have the toner cartridge installed. It may also not have recognized it till now. You can remove and reinstall the toner cartridge for fixing it.

16 Toner Low

This issue means that the toner cartridge is low or empty. Moreover, it will also occur when the toner is not distributed evenly in the printer. You can try removing the toner cartridge and shaking it gently to spread it. When this is over replace the toner.

20 Memory Overflow

Your print job will be more than the current memory capacity of the printer. Try to lessen the size of print job. Try decreasing the DPI or unmarking the collate option in the driver of the printer. Make the document and image simpler. If available you can get additional memory.

21 Print Overrun

This HP Printer error occurs in the print job. The size becomes more than the current memory capacity of the printer. You can try decreasing the DPI and unmarking the collate option in the printer driver.

22 I/O Configuration

The printer and the computer will have issue in communication. If it is possible you can try connecting it to a different port on the PC. You can try another cable and ensure if the computer is powered on. The cable has to be fully placed at both ends. If this does not prove helpful there may be a hardware problem with the printer

24 Job Memory Full

More print jobs may be too difficult for the printer’s memory to process. Lessen the size of the print job. You can simplify the document image also.

30 PS Error 16

This in relation to the PostScript firmware errors. The main cause of this error will be the sending of PCL files when the PS mode is on. You can try replacing the Postscript SIIMM. You can print alternative postscript to take out the bad file.

40 Data Transfer Error

This HP printer error occurs when the communication between printer and computer is not there. You can examine and replace all the cables. You have to ensure if the EIO boards are proper. Check the IP settings in the printer and the driver. You can click select to print however the print data might get lost. Try reprinting the pages that are missing.

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