Epson produces some of the best multi-functional printers for both professional and daily tasks. The printers are compact which attracts customers and they can be purchased for a reasonable price. It is quite cool to acquire a printer with some of the best features at an affordable price and this is actually possible if you prefer an Epson printer. However, Epson printers will fall prey for gremlins like all other technical gadgets. Whenever you purchase a printer, accept the fact that they will be prone to issues and it is your sole responsibility to eradicate the issues by utilizing the troubleshooting methodologies. Here are some cool tips and tricks which will help you to get hold of the printer issues without any hindrance. Just check out them and implement the Epson printer troubleshooting carefully.

Epson Printer Troubleshooting Guidelines

Epson Printer Troubleshooting
Epson Printer Troubleshooting

Software Check is a Must

  • In your mobile devices, you will often get notifications about the updates that are available of late.
  • Most of the users will just ignore the messages until or unless the mobile app crashes.
  • Likewise, it is very essential to keep the software and drivers updated on a regular basis for the better performance of the printer.
  • Updating the software on a regular basis is one of the important steps in Epson printer troubleshooting.

Perform a Printer Check Up

  • The very first you have to do is, detaching the cable that is linked to your printer before performing a product check.
  • Choose Set up from the home screen and finally click Maintenance option under which you will find the Printer head nozzle option.
  • Without any hesitations, click on the Color button to get the pattern of your printer printed quickly.

Internet Issues

  • Several printers that are in use will certainly require an internet connection for a better performance.
  • All you have to do is, verify the Service Set Identifier(SSID) or Wireless network name and WPA security passphrase (password) you provide.
  • It is very important to check whether it is correct before you progress with any other Epson printer troubleshooting.
  • If the credentials of your network are correctly furnished, then you have to move forward and reset the printer network settings.
  • Also, disconnect the printer from your router totally and wait for a few minutes and connect the devices again.

Uninstall the Printer Software

  • This is the final step that you can perform in order to regain the lost connections and eradicate the issues prevailing in your printer.
  • Open the Epson printer driver software installed in your desktop and click Uninstall option by right-clicking on it.
  • After that, shut down your computer and detach all the connections between your printer as well.
  • Now, setup the printer from scratch by downloading the software and complete the printer configuration.
  • These are the common troubleshooting tips that you can utilize when you are having a hard time in your printer. Moreover, the steps given below will be helpful if you are stuck in printer hardware issues.

Hardware Troubles in Epson Printer

Printer Head Alignment

  • For effective printing, a perfect printer head alignment is mandatory.
  • Go to the settings options and click Home button followed by setup.
  • Then choose Printer Head alignment under Maintenance.
  • After which, you can select the vertical lines settings provided that the vertical lines on the print out are not available.
  • Otherwise, you have to select the Horizontal line settings if the horizontal lines are not available in the printout.
  • It is very important to take a close look at the ink level of your printer as low ink levels will result in a printer setup failure.

Essential to Clean the Printhead

  • Epson printer will incorporate a self-cleaning feature which doesn’t need any manual tasks.
  • You can avail this feature by selecting Drivers and Utility Settings.
  • The cleaning of your printer will automatically commence right after you perform the above step.

Check the Paper Tray

  • Confirm that the paper tray is full and also ensure that Epson driver installation is precise.
  • If you have doubts about the printer driver you have, just visit the Epson’s printer website.
  • Confirm that the drivers are installation is proper.

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