Dell Printer Troubleshooting

Accomplish all your Dell Printer Troubleshooting by referring to the manufacturer’s website

  • Simply enter your printer device’s model number to find problems specifically pertaining to the printer
  • Most of the printer issues involve incorrect setup steps, inadequate Wi-Fi or insufficient power
  • You can always reset the printer by unplugging its power and cables and reconnecting it back again
  • This purges most errors out of the system to get the printer working again

OS Compatibilities

  • If you wish to check the printer’s operating system compatibilities, then reach out to the Dell Printer Troubleshooting site
  • Check your printer’s ServiceTag -> click on Submit
  • If you cannot find the ServiceTag then touch Choose from all products -> Printers -> Mono Laser Printers / Color Laser Printers / All-In-One Inkjet Printers -> Select the model of your printer
  • Thereafter, go to the Drivers & Downloads tab -> Change OS

Dell Laser Printer Connectivity Issues

Dell Printer Troubleshooting modules also include instructions to resolve your laser device’s connection to the network or the PC.

USB Dell Printer Troubleshooting

Dell Printer Troubleshooting
Dell Printer Troubleshooting
  • When you are connected with the USB – check the LCD display on the printer for an error message
  • If there are no errors displayed, then you must check for default printer assignments
  • The application must also point to the printer model when it tries to provide an output
  • Also, verify if the computer and the printer are indeed connected to each other
  • If you have established connectivity through the IE:USB Hub, for example, remove and connect the printer and the computer directly
  • Remove and reattach the USB cable – unplug it and then plug it back in
  • The windows pop-up installer should display a Found New Hardware message when you reseat the USB cable
  • You may also want to try using a different USB port or use another cable in case the current one is not working


  • If none of the above work, then you might want to uninstall and reconfigure the printer
  • For this, go to Start -> Devices & Printers -> right-click on the printer device name -> choose Remove Device

Note: In the event where you are unable to remove the device, double-click the printer icon and delete data in the print queue

  • Thereafter, perform the Remove Device process once again and then shut down + restart the computer and the printer to accomplish Dell Printer Troubleshooting


  • Use the accompanied CD ROM to install the printer drivers and software
  • Once you have inserted the disk into the computer, simply follow instructions that appear on the screen
  • Extract the downloaded and saved driver file from the Dell Folder

Adding the printer

  • Go to Devices and Printers -> Add Printer -> Add Local Printer
  • Now, to configure the port, choose to Use an existing port -> from the dropdown ->USB001 Virtual Printer Port

Note: USB Port selection should always begin with the lowest number; try another port number only if this fails

  • Thereafter, click Have Disk -> Browse -> Dell Folder -> Driver (32 bit or 64 bit) -> open driver file -> Ok
  • Change the printer name if you so wish and then click on Next
  • Click Next after selecting Do not share this printer -> choose as the default printer -> Print Test Page
  • Reset to factory defaults if the test page does not get printed by adjusting NVRAM

Network Printing Dell Printer Troubleshooting

  • When you have sent a print job over a wired network and the laser printer does not print, then you must first look for error messages on the display LCD panel
  • If there are no messages flashing, then try reseating the Ethernet cable after verifying that the printer is switched on and in a Ready state
  • Check if the NIC lights are flashing – top steady amber and the bottom green light flashing on and off
  • If NIC lights are not displayed, then you must try connecting with a fresh Ethernet cable
  • Alternatively, verify if the network is functioning appropriately – if not, contact your ISP / Internet Service Provider for a resolution
  • When NIC lights come on appropriately, it means that the printing device is connected
  • To look for the IP address assigned to the printing device, get a settings page
  • Check under the Network sub-head for the IP address
  • When you see 169.254.X.X address printed out, then it means there is an issue with the network


  • You can use the Embedded Web Server to test the printer’s IP address connection
  • Open a compatible browser such as IE, Chrome and Firefox -> enter the IP address you printed out on the test page
  • The EWS will open after you press Enter on the keyboard
  • You can ascertain that there is no fault in the hardware when the EWS opens up – it also means that the printer is connected to a working network
  • Diagnose the network connection if EWS is not seen


  • The network can also be tested with the TELNET command
  • To install the TELNET Client, click ControlPanel -> Programs and Features ->Turn Windows features on or off
  • The windows firewall settings also change automatically after its installation
  • Obtain the IP address of the printer by printing a test page
  • Thereafter, open the Command Prompt window by going to Start -> Search / Run -> enter cmd
  • The Command Prompt window opens when you click on the cmd/command icon
  • At the Command window, type <IP address>: telnet <IP address> 9100 and then press Enter
  • A blank black colored window appears with the cursor blinking
  • Here, type any matter, for example, Test and then hit the Enter key
  • The word that you have typed gets printed if the printer is present on the network

Unresolved with TELNET and EWS

  • If the issue remains unresolved with EWS or TELNET, then first, verify the IP address
  • Thereafter click Start -> Devices and Printers -> Right Click -> Printer Properties
  • From under the Ports tab, check the TCP/IP port option -> Configure Port -> set IP address to Static

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