Brother Printer Troubleshooting Tips

While the Brother Printer is a highly efficient machine, some deviations may occur due to external factors that only require routine corrections. Refer to the Brother Printer Troubleshooting manual online to alleviate all printing, scanning and copying difficulties.

Problems with Printing

If you are not receiving any printouts, then check for any one of the following:

  • The power switch is turned on and the machine is also in the ready mode
  • Interface cable between the computer and the printer is connected securely and working
  • Installation of the toner cartridge and drum unit
  • The appropriate printer driver for the corresponding Brother printer has been installed
  • LCD error messages
  • The machine is online and connected to the internet

Routine Maintenance For Avoiding Brother Printer Issues

Brother Printer Troubleshooting

Drum Unit Replacement

  • The drum unit must be handled carefully, otherwise, the toner could spill across clothes and is difficult to wash off
  • Clean inside the machine each time you remove or replace the drum unit

Taking the Drum Unit Out

  • Unplug the power and turn the machine off
  • Then open the top cover of the unit (do not open the scanner, else the drum unit door will not open)
  • Check the color of the drum unit that has to be extracted on the printer LCD and remove it
  • To take the cartridges out of the drum unit, press the green lock lever down


  • The new drum unit should be unpacked carefully without exposing it to sunlight or moisture
  • Ensure you are doing all this on a flat surface
  • Do not touch the electrodes – this could damage the machine due to static electricity
  • Now, gently insert the toner cartridge into the drum unit, till you hear it click into place
  • Thereafter slide the unit into its place according to its color label and orientations

Resetting the Counter

  • After closing the top cover, the drum counter has to be reset
  • For this, first, reconnect all cables and plug the power cord into the machine to turn it on
  • Thereafter press Menu 5, 6 -> scroll using Up or Down arrows -> choose drum color replaced ->Ok ->1 (resetting counter) ->Stop / Exit

Machine Online in Windows

  • Most of the time, errors are caused because the printing machine is not online
  • If you are using the Windows Operating System, then accomplish Brother Printer Troubleshooting as follows:


  • Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Printers
  • Right click on the Brother Printer Machine’s name ->uncheck the box against Use Printer Offline

Windows XP / Server 2003:

  • Press Start -> Printers and Faxes -> Right click the Brother Printer Machine’s name -> uncheck the Use Printer Offline option

Windows 2000:

  • Go to Start -> Settings -> Printers -> Right click on the Printer’s name -> uncheck the Use Printer Offline

Error Messages

  • Generally, Brother Printer Troubleshooting can be performed when you see an error message on the machine’s LCD
  • These could be indicative of drum / cartridge replacements, calibration, DIMM Errors and much more


  • When you see a message, stating Calibrate on the LCD, it means that the calibration has failed
  • For this, you just have to restart and try again
  • Go to Mono Start/Color Start to re-accomplish calibration
  • Otherwise, you can also turn off and on the machine
  • Identify color/drum replacement for the printer
  • Replace the belt unit or replace a waste toner box

Cartridge Error Put the Black (K) Toner

  • Usually, the above message means that the toner cartridge has not been installed appropriately
  • For this, first, check the color of the toner cartridge indicated on the LCD
  • Then take the drum unit out along with the toner assembly and remove the corresponding color cartridge
  • Thereafter, place the drum unit and the toner assembly back into the machine

Cover is Open

  • The Cover is Open message is indicative of several incorrect closures
  • If the ADF cover is appropriately closed, then press it close and click on Stop / Exit
  • You may also have to check if the top cover of the machine is closed properly
  • Finally, when there is paper jammed in the fuser cover or if the fuser cover has not achieved appropriate closure, then you will see the error
  • Remove all paper jams and close the fuser cover properly

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